Andrea von Salis Hi-End Audio Software for MAC

Press Reports

Interview to Andrea von Salis in the italian Mac leader review Applicando “The sound in three dimensions”. > Italian link
APPLICANDO, Andrea De Marco.

The italian software for audio quality is coming”. > Italian link
Il Sole 24 Ore, Gianluigi Torchiani.

“At Mac@Work the sound Quality can be listened thanks AVS” > Italian link
“... Last evening, at the Mac@work store in Milan, something magic happend: normal MP3 files, like the ones we all have in our Mac, thank the AVS system transform themself in something new, unique. It is difficult te express in words what our ears have listened last evening: the AVS 3D⚫VR system creates a sort of virtual sound sphere in which it is the sound itself that takes a 3D dimension and palpable appearance...”. Mac@Work > Link.
THEAPPLELOUNGE, Michele Baratelli.

“New sounds from Mac”. > Italian link

“From Milan starts the revolution of sound: Thanks to the AVS system music and images are perceived in a totally new way”.