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Andrea von Salis Power Two Amplifier Andrea_von_Salis_-_Software_Audio_3D_for_Mac.htmlAndrea_von_Salis_-_Software_Audio_3D_for_Mac.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0
The Andrea von Salis Power Two 4 channel amplifier is conceived for driving indipendently four speakers, mantaining the dynamic, the wideness and focus of the soundstage created by A.v.S. technology. 
100 watt/8 ohm continuous power output  for each channel, that became 250 watt/8 ohm for three seconds, are able to handle without problems the great dynamic produced by the Andrea von Salis AVS 3D⚫VR SW, even with speakers which’s efficiency is lower than 90 dB/1m/1 watt.
Andrea von Salis Solid Four audio cables
The Andrea von Salis line and power cables are conceived, as the electronics and the software, to mantain the focus and the width of the soundstage, that extends itself usually in all the listening room.
The hand made Solid Four cables are equipped with a unique shield that transfers the signal into the audio band as if they were a superconductor. 
Therefore, also the amount of detail increases dramatically even if compared to the best Hi-End cables, also in normal stereo systems.